RELEASED: Uchaguzi Monitoring & Evaluation Brief

By Angela Okune
iHub Research
  Published 19 Mar 2013
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RELEASED: Uchaguzi Monitoring & Evaluation Brief
During Kenya's 2013 General Election, Uchaguzi Kenya 2013,a joint initiative between SODNET, Ushahidi, CRECO, and Hivos (with support from CIDA), was used to help increase transparency and accountability through active citizen participation in the electoral cycle. Uchaguzi was coordinated through an ICT platform, which enabled Kenyans to keep an eye on the vote and provided avenues through which they could report, with any technology available to them, any incidences significant to the election. Concurrent with the Uchaguzi deployment, iHub Research assessedhow well Uchaguzi achieved its mission. The research will identify the strengths and weaknesses in the deployment and aims to create a toolkit of lessons learned that can be used by future ICT Election Watchdeployments. This brief is the first of 2 reports and is a first look at the Uchaguzi KE 2013 process. In June 2013, we will be publishing an in-depth report detailing the successes and challenges of the platform, especially around the key areas of technology, partnerships, publicity and outreach, and personnel.


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