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By Mark Kamau
iHub UXlab
  Published 18 Mar 2013
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The iHub UX lab has been hard at work ensuring that user experience techniques reach the community and are helping start ups in a practical way. How? Instead of having generic random workshops, we have been pursuing a 2 prong strategy to ensure that UX is practically relevant to the community.  
  1. We have been offering consistent, gradual training from one level to the next every Thursday from 5:30, ensuring that individuals and/or teams who attend are consistently and systematically learning new skills in a manner that takes into cognizance the need for learning curve management.
  2. We have been offering free UX hours for the whole day Thursday. This means as a start up, you can book an appointment with us and have a free UX review of your product. Within the time we meet you, we solely focus on your product in a private and focused space and mindset. This ensures you leave with meaningful insights for improving your product.
You are welcome to join us for training on Thursday, 5:30 or you can book a review for your product by signing up here
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