Project Managers' Meetup

By Mercy Deche
iHub Consulting
  Published 17 Mar 2013
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Project Managers' Meetup
iHub has formed a partnership with the Project Management Institute - Kenya chapter (PMI-K) to build on critical project managementskills that are needed in the local tech scene. Through activities like training, research and regular networking events, issues, opportunities and skills will be shared between practicing professionals in Kenya and techies in the iHub community. PMI-K through its education foundation is supporting this initiative by training and giving the community access to its network of highly experienced and qualified project managers. The first meetup of 2013 held on Thursday 14th March brought together 25 participants from the local project manager (PM) community. As a budding community, general topics of conversation included: opportunities for project management as a profession in Kenya, the need for PM competence in the tech industry, training opportunities and lessons on managing projects in the public sector. Main speakers at the meetup were John Karanja, Clement Kitetu, Mary Onguko and Rael Mugambi, all members of the PMI- K chapter. John Karanja of Indera Sistemas S.A shared a case study on implementation of the Integrated Financial Management Information System- IFMIS (a public sector project) which holds interesting lessons for local techies. Slides from his presentation are here. Mary Onguko shared her perspective: you might already be praciticing project management without even realizing it; PM training helps you to become more effective even in operational work. You don't have to be a career project manager to benefit from training. The other speakers were in agreement that competence in PM helps developers in a project team to work more effectively as they take into consideration quality, time and resource constraints while they work. Clement Kitetuexplained the role that PMI-K is playing in Kenya and how through key partnerships like the one with iHub, it is enhancing the capability of locals to take advantage of growing PM opportunities in public, private and non-profit sectors as the economy grows. The better locals are at managing projects, the more effectively growth- oriented policies will be implemented nationally. This is especially important as major policy and business changes happen resulting from Kenya's transition into a devolved government system. Finally, iHub highlighted the up-coming training dubbed Project Management 101 which will begin in April. The curriculum covers basics of project management and is useful for developers, creatives, researchers and entrepreneurs who want to improve their planning, coordination, control and team management skills. Past participants shared how the training impacted their work. Announcement of the registration will be done through the iHub blog. The training is overseen by Rael Mugambi and facilitated by professionals from the PMI-K network.
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