Building Bridges

By Mercy Deche
iHub Consulting
  Published 07 Mar 2013
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Building Bridges
When iHub Consulting was formed, the main question was: How do we level-up local techies to be able to meet their clients' needs and expectations? This question came about because it was clear that there was a gap in non-technical skills which are essential for growth of the local tech industry. We set out to create a process through which techies could competitively bid to join a pool of 'A-list' freelance developers and creatives who would then get to work with project managers and quality testers on client projects. Each project would involve a peer review where the team would essentially be grading itself and each team member would end the project knowing better what they are great at and what they still need to work on. The entire process (including project management and QA) would be coordinated and managed by iHub. iHub would also facilitate training and testing in project management and qualityassurance. This way, the client can have a 'guarantee' of quality and the teams themselves would learn how to instill quality in all their projects, thus raising the bar of local technology. 10 months in, we have selected a team of 15 freelance consultants with intersecting skills in graphic design, front-end development, project management, game development, web and mobile development and quality assurance. We've worked on several projects and continue to interact with the wider community (enterprises). We have held project management training and are gearing up to include quality assurance training in addition to project management in 2013. A new question we are asking now is:
  • How do we connect the needs of enterprise (corporates, non-profit and public institutions) to capability in the community? This will need understanding of the current capability and a plan to match it to meet high standards and expectations
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