iHub Partners With Intel

By Joseph
  Published 27 Feb 2013
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iHub Partners With Intel

iHub is pleased to announce a partnership with Intel which will see both organizations work together to nurture the growth of the tech community by training developers and scaling mobile apps.

iHub is uniquely positioned at the pulse point of technology in the region , and Intel will be leveraging on this access to build training and mentorship among developers in the region.

Intel and iHub's partnership comes at a time when there is a global shortage for software engineers , especially those in mobile computing. Africa is at the forefront of mobile technology, with more and more products being developed around the mobile device.

This partnership will see iHub develop multiple collaborations between Universities, tech hubs and the developer community not just in East Africa, but in the greater Sub-saharan region.iHub has within its network over 10,000 members, with whom it works closely tocatalyze the growth of the tech community by connecting people, supporting start-ups and surfacing information. Community is the heart of this tech eco-system.

Last year December, iHub hosted Intel's Executive Vice President, David Perlmutter, who named mobility as one of the exciting areas in which Intel was going into, announced that Intel would work  “more closely with developers all over Africa…Intel views developers as their biggest partners. People buy devices because of the apps."

The mobile device is becoming more and more powerful as more is demanded of it. Intel, which has increasingly let its customers lead the way, will have no choice but to listen, as consumers demand and expect more from their mobile devices. ...the challenge here will be to design chips that are both powerful enough to be used in handsets, and that at the same time use little power – an important consideration for this market, where energy supply remains a problem in many African countries.

Read More About Intel's Onslaught into Mobile. Download the Press Release here:iHub_PressRelease_Final Image: Erik Hersman with Intel Senior Vice President, Renee James, in Barcelona, 2013 Mobile World Congress where the partnership announcement was made.
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