Mobile Analytics - a RADAR for your app

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 08 Feb 2013
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We seldom meet the users of our mobile apps, and most of their communication is indirect where they rate our app in the app store, particularly if our app annoys them. Mobile Analytics gives us the opportunity to discover more about how our mobile apps are being used and whether the app is behaving well. Mobile Analytics can provide early feedback from the field, from real users using your app, so you can improve the app and increase your development velocity while minimizing the effects of various problems with your current version of the app. However we need to be careful not to invade the user’s privacy or overstep acceptable behaviors compared to their expectations and how other apps gather analytical data in their mobile apps. Over 50% of the top apps already use Mobile Analytics so maybe it’s time for you to do likewise? There are lots of different providers of Mobile Analytics software and services, and we want to choose the most suitable one for our needs and our app. There are vast differences in capabilities and ethos from one provider to another, behaviour one might encourage the other may ban - so choose carefully and well. Next we need to design how our app will use the library to record analytical data. And we need to know the library will work properly even when there’s no signal for instance if the phone is in flight mode or out of credit. Julian Harty is visiting m:lab and iHub from the UK. He’s an established author who works with mobile analytics and has also written chapters for several popular technical books on the topic. Please join us and Julian at the iHub on Monday the 11th of Feb from 5.30pm - 7.00pm and discover how Mobile Analytics can help provide a RADAR for you and your mobile apps.
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