Igniting the invisible: African Tech Innovation Index

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iHub Research
  Published 31 Jan 2013
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By Gladys Kitony On Monday, 16th January 2013, the African tech-Innovation Index (ATII) Research project was initiated at iHub Research. The project brings together a highly qualified team, which is passionate about tech innovation. The team is led by Brian Omwenga, a senior iHub Research fellow (PhD Candidate –School of Computing and Informatics - University of Nairobi). The rest of the team comprises of: This partnership comes at a time when iHub Research sets to foster collaboration with the Academia as a way of enhancing technological research capacity at the institutional level. iHub Research will offer strategic advice based on its expertise in tech research as well as assist in logistics planning. The project is funded by theAfrican Innovation Foundation and was borne out of the realization that there is no single standardized measure of innovation in Africa. The research shall additionally trace the path of innovation in Africa, highlighting challenges and factors that will lead to enhancement of innovation in Africa. The study aims to jump-start the discourse in this field by developing a standardized metric system for iterating the first African Innovation Index.

The research framework involves two phases. The first phase will be to carry out a study for the African Innovation Foundation so as to come up with appropriate indicators of innovation specific to the African context and the metrics needed to measure innovation in the African context.

Lessons learned from the study and the in-depth development process of the index will be published widely in order to kick-start a discussion on the continent’s level of innovation. Phase 2 will later be conducted to generate the index and will utilize available data from International Organizations (World Bank, UN) and open data portals in order to compile the necessary information available. If relevant information is not yet available from secondary information sources, a research project will be created to collect the requisite primary data. A final report for phase 1 is set to be released at the end of March 2013 and will be presented at the Innovation Prize for Africa conference in April 2013
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