Facilitation Role on the ICT4Democracy in East Africa Network

By Anne
iHub Research
  Published 30 Jan 2013
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iHub Research is part of the ICT4Democracy in East Africa Network, a network consisting of SPIDER- funded organizations residing in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania who leverage the use of ICTs to promote democracy, governance and transparency issues in East Africa. This network has been in existence since 2011 and to date has seven partners. They include CIPESA, TORODEV, KHRC, CHRAGG, WOUGNET, TI Uganda and iHub Research. Other members of the network include SPIDER andStockholmUniversity.

Every 6 months one of the members is elected to act as a facilitator who coordinates the network activities, update the website and social media sites as well as organize network activities. During the period of August 2012-January 2013, iHub Research had the opportunity to co-facilitate with CIPESA who have been facilitating since the network began.  Key highlights from iHub Research’s facilitation role include participating in the design of the network’s new logo, revamping of the website (www.ict4democracy.org) as well as assisting in organization of the network workshop which took place in Dares Salaam, Tanzania from the 5-6th of December 2012.

During the workshop in Tanzania, each of the partners had an opportunity to share on the progress of their SPIDER-funded projects and discuss sustainability models for the projects once the SPIDER funding came to an end. To get a recap of the proceedings from the workshop, you can follow the link below to view the gallery, as well as view the presentations on this link.

For more information about the ICT4Democracy in East Africa Network, please visit the website: www.ict4democracy.org    
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