The Nairobi Research Buzz: Sharing Research on New Technologies & Communications

By Gladys Kitony
  Published 23 Jan 2013
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iHub Research is launching a new seminar series exploring the Technological, Economic, Political and Social Implications of New Technologies and Communications in Africa and other parts of the world. The seminar has two key objectives: 1) To give researchers helpful feedback on their own projects 2) To bring researchers working in disparate fields and sectors together for interesting discussions and collaboration. We welcome participants from all research backgrounds working in Kenya or East Africa. University students and staff, independent researchers, NGO/UN researchers and government researchers are all welcome to attend and present. We also welcome researchers at all stages of their projects; those seeking guidance at the start of fieldwork, those mid-way through projects wanting fresh eyes on preliminary findings and those whose work is more polished, seeking engagement with other researchers and stakeholders. Government stakeholders, Entrepreneurs, Techies and other individuals with interests in these technologies and communications are also invited to attend. Themes may include:
  • New economic practices and processes of innovation around technological change.
  • Impact of Open and Big Data on Research Processes and Understandings.
  • Information Communication Technologies for Development (health, education, environment).
  • The implications of E-government.
  • The implications of E-Learning.
  • Past and current aspects of control over and use of new technologies.
  • Dangers and threats posed by new technologies.
  • New Technologies, material culture and print media.
  • The relationships between newly introduced technologies and existing technologies.
  • Patterns of communication and imagined social, economic and political identities.
  • The role of technologies in the territorialization and de-territorialization of geographic and economic space.
The seminar will be held on the last Tuesday of every month at 5:30pm, at the iHub along Ngong Road. During each session the presenter will have 30 minutes to present their work and then there will be 30 minutes for questions and comments afterwards. The first two sessions have already been planned but we are very interested in researchers for upcoming weeks. Please get in contact with Gladys at [email protected] if you are interested in presenting. Register here to attend the event. First Session: January 29th, 2013: Theme: The Promises of Fibre-Optic Broadband - A Pipeline for Economic Development in East Africa? Focus on IT and Outsourcing. Presenter: Laura Mann, Oxford Internet Institute Time: 5:30pm Laura is a researcher at the University of Oxford, working on a joint project with the University of Nairobi and the National University of Rwanda. She will present the project’s preliminary work on the IT/BPO sector in Rwanda and then upcoming fieldwork in Kenya. The project explores how the arrival of fibre optic internet has changed value chains and business relationships within and between East African countries and the ‘global’ economy. This presentation will focus on the IT and outsourcing part of the project.

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