ICT Hubs study: The impact of ActivSpaces model (in Cameroon) on its entrepreneurs

By Hilda Moraa
  Published 21 Jan 2013
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ICT Hubs study: The impact of ActivSpaces model (in Cameroon) on its entrepreneurs
Aspects of Activspaces model that their members appreciate the most
  Author: Hilda Moraa, iHub Research ([email protected]) ABSTRACT This research is aimed at understanding the impact of the ActivSpaces model on its entrepreneurs. An ICT hub is a space where tech-entrepreneurs converge to network, learn from each other, design and program in order to conceptualize their mental creations. The first two Hub models of the 15 hubs in Africa to be profiled within this study were iHub, Nairobi‚Äôs innovation Hub for the Technology community and HiveColab, an innovation and collaboration space in Uganda. The third being Activspace, the model was different from the first 2 Hubs (iHub and Hive Colab), in that Activspaces has currently incorporated an open membership tier system. In addition, Activspaces can boast of having 2 location sites, one in Buea and the other in Douala. The other unique factor that differentiates Activspaces from the first 2 Hubs is on their sustainability model as was described in the model report. The study on ActivSpaces found that most (n=11) of the individuals who frequent it are young people between the ages of 18-29. Additionally, two thirds (n=8) of the members hold a bachelors degree in various disciplines, most of which are in science-oriented fields. The study found that all of the entrepreneurs interviewed (n=12) appreciate the ActivSpaces as a conducive and innovative co-working space that drives continuous networking through the events, community meetups that leads to collaboration and partnerships, sharing skills and knowledge through teamwork activities, among others. Thus, having graduated with little to no forthcoming job opportunities, these talented entrepreneurs have had their talents and skills housed and nurtured under the Hub. Overall, the entrepreneurs believe that the ActivSpaces can grow and strengthen its model by growing with institutional support, adopting tiered membership systems and premium courseware, and most importantly establishing an alumni network that share their experiences and skills with the community of members. Keywords: ICT Hubs, Technology, Entrepreneurs, innovation, co-working space, Africa, Cameroon   To view and download the full report, click here
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