AccessKenya Investment to Fuel Kenya’s Bandwidth Capacity

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  Published 21 Jan 2013
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AccessKenya Investment to Fuel Kenya’s Bandwidth Capacity
AccessKenya to spend over Ksh 120 million to fuel Kenya’s bandwidth capacity by over 80 percent By Sam Wakoba Kenya’s corporate internet and IT solutions provider AccessKenya Group is driving up the country’s bandwidth capacity in a move to deliver faster internet speeds that will see  its subscribers enjoy speeds up by over 80 percent. AccessKenya Group late December began converting all  its wireless Base Stations (BTS) to fibre optic cable links to yield more bandwidth capacity. According to Cyril Oluoch , AccessKenya Group Network Manager, “The conversion will enable us achieve up to 1 Gigabit bandwidth, up from the maximum 200Mbps delivered on wireless backhauls.” Faster Speeds, Bigger Capacity Olouch added,“This will not only guarantee better speeds for our clients but also deliver upgraded capacities for more customers”.
AccessKenya Group MD Jonathan Somen (left) with CFO Peter Ndirangu admire a PABX server in the company’s Data Centre at Barclays Plaza.
The group’s 20 Base Stations in Nairobi in Kasarani, Lavington and Lower Kabete have already been converted to fibre optic links since the launch of the drive late last year for clients in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and other towns. The upgrade is part of AccessKenya’s Group move to bolster internet connectivity over vast regions and deliver versatile Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions highly demanded among its corporate clientele. Over Sh37m in Licence Fees In 2012,  AccessKenya Group spent over Sh37 Million in licence fees but Mr. Oluoch says the move will reduce AccessKenya’s licensing related costs by over 50 percent and increase its profit margins. Group Managing Director Jonathan Somen says the firm has diversified its range of services to include complex WAN solutions such asMulti Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technologyto reach a wider population.
AccessKenya_Jonathan Somen Access Kenya Chief, Jonathan Somen Image Credit: DailyNation
Ksh 120m for Nairobi and Mombasa Expansion Somen says the group banks on wireless networks adding that over 50 percent of its base stations are on wireless backhauls and added that over Sh120 Million has been set aside this year to extend its metropolitan fibre network in Nairobi and Mombasa. The group is also expanding its network across all major towns and counties in the country.
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