Open Data Call to Journalists | The Response

By Rhoda Omenya
iHub Research
  Published 11 Jan 2013
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In our previous Open Data: Call to Journalists blog post, we introduced the concept of data journalism. In particular, we emphasized the need for journalists to acquire this skill for the double pronged purpose of using data to give credibility to the stories that they tell and use data analysis as content when telling stories. As part of the Code4Kenya program, one of the host media organizations, The Star, has embraced fully this call to data journalism by boldly stating in an article by Dickens Olewe published on December 28th 2012 about the role of journalism in reviving Open Data. In this article, the Star further debunks the notion by the journalism fraternity that the Kenyan Open Data initiative was dead. In doing so, the author, a member of staff of the Star and one of the key persons involved in the project from the daily, acknowledged its (The Star’s) central position as a media unit in ensuring a continuous loop between the demand and supply of open data. The supply is courtesy of the government, academia and other private organization with the demand stemming from the same institutions as well as from citizens and technology developers. In this article the Star provides evidence of their convictions by showcasing their health portal, one of the applications developed within the Code4Kenya program. The response by The Star can be read here. The health portal can be accessed here.
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