iHub Consulting: 2013 In Preview

By Mercy Deche
iHub Consulting
  Published 10 Jan 2013
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Since May of 2012, we've focused on laying the foundation for iHub Consulting. We've developed the team development mechanism, project management process, skills development framework and customer development framework. This year will be one of execution to get the initiative off the ground. Focus areas will be: building a strong team of consultants, standards and processes and developing customer relationships which will deliver interesting projects with high impact on the local tech scene.

Starting February, we will have community talks, coaching and workshops in project management, customer development and other business skills - activities which will be open for participation by the community. There will also be blog posts by both our team and guest contributors as well as a lot of inquiry into how the tech community can position itself to grow by making use of opportunities which are already available but unexploited. If you would like to contribute to the (iHub Consulting) blog on matters management, tech business and opinion, contact me on [email protected]  
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