Why You Should Test Your Mobile Apps at M:Lab

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  Published 01 Dec 2012
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By Sheilah Birgen
m:Lab East Africa’s testing facility is one of a kind in East Africa.
The platform range and number of devices is the facility is remarkably unique. With over one hundred mobile devices, the facility on Bishop Magua center caters for the mobile testing needs of the developer ecosystem. Several questions have been asked about the testing facility.
These are some of the frequently asked questions about the m:Lab’s testing facility: Why is testing is important? Mobile devices have a wide range of screen resolutions and platforms. This affects how a program runs on each device. Testing enables developers to analyse usability and functionality of the application across these various platforms. Why test at m:lab East Africa? As at 1st Dec 2012, m:lab East Africa testing facility has a total device count of 106 devices, (and growing) specifically dedicated for mobile applications testing. How do I access testing at the testing facility? To access testing services at the facility, send an email to[email protected], requesting for a specified time slot. Once the request is approved, the developer will have access to the testing services. What platforms are available in the testing facility? The facility is a host to Android, J2ME, BlackBerry, Windows and Bada mobile platforms. What devices are contained in the testing facility? Download a complete list of all the devices present in the facilityHERE. How much will I pay to test at the m:Lab East Africa’s testing facility? There are three payment plans for using the facility:

Rate Plan A – InMobi Publishers

Access to devices in the testing room will be at the rate of Ksh100 per person per hour for developers integrating inMobi’s mobile advertisement infrastructure in their apps.

Rate Plan B – mLab Consortium

Access to devices in the testing room will be at the rate of Ksh 150 per person per hour for constituents of institutions in the mLab consortium. Those include, iHub Red & Green Members, students of University of Nairobi School of Computing and Informatics, and students of eMobilis Academy.

Rate Plan C – mLab Partners

A rate of Shs 250 per hour per person applies to developers who are existing publishers in the following application distribution platforms belonging to our partners:

  • Samsung Apps
  • Google Play
  • Nokia Store

Rate Plan D – The Greater Mobile Ecosystem

A rate of Kshs 500 per hour per person applies to developers in the greater mobile ecosystem and includes corporate bodies and organizations in the region.

NB:m:lab East Africa incubation clients and trainees continue accessing devices in the testing facility as part of their client package.An article further explaining the pricing information for the testing facility was recently postedhere.

Can I test for free? Yes. m:lab East Africa has a program for developers to test their application for free every Friday. Under this program each developer is awarded 90 minutes to access the entire range of mobile devices housed in the facility.More information can be foundHERE Can I borrow devices out of the testing facility? If yes, how do I do it? Borrowing of devices out of the testing facility for field testing or overnight testing is only limited to the incubatees of m:lab East Africa. Due to the demand for the devices, they are best kept within the facility for access by the rest of the developer community.
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