Communicating with People in Crisis | 6th – 7th December 2012 | Nairobi

By Rachel Gichinga
  Published 23 Nov 2012
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With Nairobi at the frontline of the technology and development sectors in Africa, this two day event will bring together key members of the technology, media, and humanitarian and development agencies in Nairobi to explore opportunities for collaboration and improve mutual understanding. The event will focus on how communicating with communities effectively before and during crises using new and traditional technology makes development and humanitarian work more effective, efficient and transparent. Across the region of eastern Africa, humanitarian and development agencies are beginning to use technology and media channels to communicate better with the people they serve to make their work more relevant and themselves more accountable. These tools are also being used to gather information from people affected by conflict and disasters to establish humanitarian needs more accurately and respond more efficiently. Ahead of the curve are technology and media practitioners developing innovative tools which are either often overlooked by development agencies, or unsuitable for their operating environment. Following on from the Media and Tech Fair held at Google in London earlier this year organised by the CDAC Network (Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities), this event is an opportunity for humanitarian and development agencies to engage with local technology and media providers, civil society and private sector initiatives who are working to solve challenges in the region. It is also an opportunity for these actors to better understand the needs and imperatives of humanitarian and development agencies during times of crisis. We request attendance to be limited to individuals involved in the planning and implementation of communication initiatives in humanitarian or development settings; technology and media representatives who wish to share their tools and approaches; and decision makers who wish to learn about how communication can help them achieve their overall aims. Please attend if you would like to:
  • Learn how traditional media and new technology can be used in humanitarian/development work
  • Engage with local civil society and private sector initiatives to solve regional challenges
  • Better understand the operating environment during times of crisis and examine which tools can be used
  • Learn why communication with communities before, during and after a sudden onset disaster is so important.
  • Better understand benefits and challenges of collaboration between the public/humanitarian/development sector and the private/technology sector.
  • Begin conversations, initiate ideas and improve mutual understanding for future collaborations.
  • Contribute to the Communicating with Disaster Affected Communities (CDAC) Network’s directory of tools and service providers to help humanitarians practitioners integrate this in their work.
For more information, please contact Tamara Leigh on [email protected]
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