“The Future of Kenya: what needs to happen for local services and apps to succeed.”

By Jessica Colaço
  Published 03 Sep 2010
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Russell Southwood looks at: the kinds of changes that will happen in Kenya over the next ten years, how the barriers to change might be broken down and the relationship between the ICT business and the broader economy and society. He sets out to try and understand what will produce the success factors for the growth of ICT services and apps businesses across Africa and why Kenya has a key role to play. From these broad arguments, he then focuses down on the needs and type of customers services and apps companies can potentially serve. Russell Southwood is the CEO of Balancing Act, a consultancy and research company focused on telecoms, Internet and broadcast in Africa. The company’s clients include telecoms operators, ISPs, international fibre companies, investment companies, satellite companies, equipment vendors and donors like the World Bank. The company is ten years old and when it started, it ran entrepreneurship workshops for those interested in starting ICT businesses in four African countries. As part of its work, it produces three e-letters; one of which is a weekly in English about telecoms and Internet in Africa. He is the author of many reports on the industry including Mobile Internet: devices, content and advertising. When: Friday 3rd September 2010 Time: 6.00p.m – 7.00 p.m @ the iHub Here is the recording of Russell's talk:
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