Opportunity to work with one of Africa's top female entrepreneurs

By Rachel Gichinga
  Published 05 Nov 2012
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Here is a rare opportunity to work with Njeri Rionge, one of Forbes’ list of Africa’s most successful women. Having founded 4 successful companies, including Wananchi Online, Ignite Consulting, Business Lounge and Insite, Ms. Rionge has allocated the next 6 months of her life to give back to the community by taking on at most 25 interns for three of her businesses. This is an internship opportunity that will open doors and provide hands-on business experience. You will walk away from this experience with a lifelong link to one of the most powerful mentors in the business scene, as well as a network of young leaders who will achieve great things with their lives. There will also be a strong link to the iHub network through relevant partnerships. We are looking for young leaders who have talents/background in the following areas: Sales, Consulting, Technology, Events/Facilities Management, Marketing, Social Media, Accounting, Graphic Design, Programming, Financial Services, Fundraising, and Project Management. We wish to develop these leaders into well rounded workers and entrepreneurs by creating a holistic learning environment to address business acumen skills in the following areas: 1. Product Development. 2. Project Management. 3. Customer Facing Strategies to include marketing, public relations, customer services and go to market strategies. 4. Business Development and Business Management Systems. 5. Strategic Thinking, Financial Planning, Organizational Development and Governance Structures. 6. Investment, Fundraising, Financial Analyst and Business Incubator Management. For consideration, please send a CV and a cover letter to [email protected] by 9th of November. We will conduct interviews over the weekend of Nov. 16-18, and kick-off the program on Nov 19. Criteria: You must be enrolled in, or have graduated from, an accredited degree program. However, exceptional circumstances of individuals with relevant skills/working experience will be considered. It may be possible for you to commit to this program in addition to a full-time job or studies, but in this instance, please specify on your application how many hours per week you are prepared to commit to this project. You must be willing to commit to an internship period of 6 months, between Nov 5 and March 4. Exceptional circumstances may be considered. This is not an ordinary opportunity, and we are not seeking ordinary people. This is our manifesto. We hope that you can be inspired by its words and seek to live by these values.
Our Manifesto We believe in businesses that not only work, but compete, survive, and also lead. In order to lead, we need to set an example. We must prove that we are knowledgeable, talented, and motivated. This is no place for the lazy. We believe what you know is not as important as how fast you can learn. This is no place for the slow. We will deliver what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it. This is no place for the uncommitted. We will meet and match global standards, and we will not make excuses for our shortcomings. This is no place for the doubtful. We are not here merely for the hype, for “social impact” SMEs, or for “tech” startups. That’s because we believe that though technology is an enabler, it is not the business itself. We give you our word. Our word is the foundation for the trust we seek to build with our stakeholders, shareholders, partners, and community. We believe that in order to make an impact, we must first succeed: as people, then as a team, and then, and only then, can we do business.
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