By Joseph
  Published 31 Oct 2012
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The communications commission of Kenya (CCK) released a sector statistics report for the fourth quarter (for the period between 1st April to 30th June 2012).Below is a summary of the report.
Service Receivers-subscription
  • The Mobile market has continued to rise. Telephony subscriptions rose by 490,000 to 29.7 million subscribers from 29.21 million subscribers who were reported in the previous quarter. This represents a country mobile penetration rate of 75.4%.
  • This growth is propelled by the competitive tariffs, special offers and promotions that were offered to subscribers by Mobile Network Operators.
  • Prepaid subscriptions continue to dominate the total subscriptions, which is currently 99.1 % of the total subscriptions.
Data and internet service
  • The number of mobile data and internet subscriptions increased by 1.3 million to 7.7 million from 6.4 million subscriptions posted in previous quarter.
  • Internet penetration in Kenya rose to 35.5% of the population. 46% of the current available bandwidth is in use - 98.9% of this access from mobile devices.
  • As with mobile telephony, the increase in mobile data and Internet subscriptions could be attributed to competitive tariffs; special offers and promotions offered by the operators; and increased uptake of mobile data services and products – due to an increased demand in the rise of popularity of social products such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and YouTube.  There are more people online using these products, and this influences an increased uptake in data services.
  • It should be noted here that fibre subscription grew by 26.7% to reach 49,371 subscriptions and largely contributed to the increased bandwidth in use.
Postal and courier service:
  • In the postal and courier industry that faces stiff competition particularly from the Internet and data market, the total local letters sent declined by 0.6% from 16.8 million letters posted in the previous quarter to 16.7 million letters sent during the quarter under review.
Fixed Telephone service:
  • The fixed line network continues to record a decline as more and more subscribers opt for mobile telephony services. The quarter under review registered a 3.5% decline in the total fixed line (fixed terrestrial lines and fixed wireless) subscriptions. Total fixed lines were recorded as 262,711 during the quarter down from 272,101 subscriptions recorded in the previous quarter.
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