BlackBerry Mini-BootCamp | Saturday October 27th 2012 | 10 am - 7 pm | iHub

By Rachel Gichinga
  Published 22 Oct 2012
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On Saturday October 27th 2012, the BlackBerry Developer Community in Kenya is organizing an event for all to come and learn a little more about Charismatic BlackBerry 10 Development. Regardless of what floats your boat (game development, UI frameworks, cross-platform strategies, multi-platform development approach, etc.) there are sessions for everyone.                     In addition to these sessions - including an in-depth look at maximizing GitHub  - we’ll be having another kind of activity that runs throughout the day. Once again we’ll be out in the community providing developers who are serious about getting their apps on BlackBerry® 10 with the opportunity to:
  • Make money
  • Get other goodies through
  • Qualify for the10K Developer Commitment
Register here.
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