Bitange Ndemo: Protecting Local Innovation

By Editor
  Published 18 Oct 2012
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As the Kenyan ICT industry grows, protection of intellectual property (IP) is becoming increasingly important. Protection of IP rights for computer software can be challenging, particularly in the area of patents. (Read More) . Below is Dr. Bitange Ndemo's, PS for Ministry of Information,talk on protecting local innovation. He was speaking during the Intellectual Property Rights Seminar, held at Strathmore University. Start-ups are the predominant vehicle for software developers entering the ICT industry. The interaction between start-ups and IP rights exists at all stages of start up’s life-cycle: establishment, growth and/or exit from the business. Although applying for software patents may seem like a good idea for start-ups, there are important factors to be considered, namely, the cost of filing, duration of application process and possible litigation in the event of infringement. Whether or not Kenya decides to allow software patents, it was been argued that Kenyan inventors should seek to file for patents internationally at PCT, USPTO and EPO, where lots of people will notice them and in turn this could attract investment to Kenya.Read More.
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