The Web 100 (Do You Really Need A Website?)

By Mercy Deche
iHub Consulting
  Published 18 Oct 2012
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By Stig Njiru “Where is my website?” or “There’s something wrong with the API so we can’t do what your asking.” or “Its just creating a few web pages then uploading, shouldn’t take you more than a day.” or “..ahh there’s no way I’m doing it for that price”…these are some of the phrases/thoughts that clients and designers/developers throw back and forth in the course of a “web” project. The main function of this series is to share experiences, processes, guidelines, business and marketing tips that will make sure that anyone who starts a “web” project will actually get it done efficiently and effectively. The Process The following graphic shows the average web project flow from start to end. There are some exceptions (depending on the nature of the project) but some elements in the process should cater to those exceptions.

  Are You Sure? Be sure that you actually need a “website” to solve your problems. For example if you are a salon looking to diversify and attract more clients (and you know your target audience are women between the age of 15-30) wouldn’t it make much more sense to invest in a facebook page rather than a website? To Conclude... Just because we are in the .com era it doesn’t mean that every single business must have a website or an Android app. Remember that a website must in some way or another bring value (be it monetary, social or business) otherwise its just another element that will frustrate you. In our next post 'The Web 101' we'll talk about the discovery process.
Stig "Searge" Njiru is a technology lead at Digital Brands Group. He takes different conceptual approaches in design and development with a gripping mastery on UX.
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