By Rachel Gichinga
  Published 09 Oct 2012
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On Thursday October 11th 2012 from 6 - 7:30 pm, Dr Knud Erik Skouby will be speaking about integrated media and trends in mobile communication. Mobile cellular has been the most rapidly adopted technology in history. Today it is the most popular and widespread personal technology on the planet, with an estimated 7 billion subscriptions globally by the end of 2012. Mobile broadband subscriptions overtook fixed broadband subscribers in 2008, highlighting the huge potential for the mobile Internet. This has changed ‘the Digital Divide’, but there is still an urban/ rural issue. The talk will discuss the drivers in this development; present a case for influencing the urban/ rural divide in developing countries and discuss the case of ICT-education in Ghana and its potential impact. Dr. Knud Erik Skouby is director of Center for Information and Communication Technologies (CICT) and professor in Telecommunications Network’s economy and regulation at CTI/ COM, Technical University of Denmark (DTU). He has a career within consultancy and as a university teacher since 1972. The working areas have been planning, technological development and technology assessment – for the last 15 years within the telecom area. The consultancy part has included work for e.g. CCITT, OECD, UN, UNDP, The World Bank, the Danish Ministries of Culture, Industry Labour and Research, Danish trade unions and international consulting firms in the area of telecom markets and regulation (e.g. COWIconsult, EUTELIS, McKinsey, OVUM, PriceWaterhouse).
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