Top 40 startups selected for DEMO Africa 2012

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  Published 27 Sep 2012
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Fourteen Kenyan start-ups have been selected to launch at the first DEMO Africa conference, to be held in October 2012.

DEMO Africa is the launchpad for emerging technology and trends in Africa and is scheduled to take place in Nairobi, Kenya from 24-26 October 2012. DEMO Africa will be the latest addition to the DEMO family of conferences and is expected be an iconic event for the continent’s most innovative entrepreneurs.
From theVC4Africa Blog:
After more than four months of work, we are pleased to announce the 40 entrepreneurs selected to launch at the first ever DEMO Africa conference. Here is an overview of the selected ventures. Click on the tiles to find out more.
Balefyre is the sole supplier of it’s patented USSDx – USSD over IP server and emDial application. Earl Joseph South Africa
Crowdpesaallows merchants to manage customer notifications and rewards on an intuitive dashboard. Christian KAKOBA Kenya
dash2dois an online service for errand runners, private drivers, cash delivery, travel bookings and more. Samuel Wanjohi Kenya
djoss.tvis a social TV platform that lets TV viewers everywhere discuss around their favorite TV shows, in real-time. Ndjientcheu Ngandjui Patrick Cameroon
eLimuis an Android application for children in the Kenyan Primary School education system. Nivi Mukherjee Kenya
Eskimiis a mobile social network to meet new people in Africa. Vytautas Paukštys Nigeria
Evly is a Software-as-a-Service that can be used by organisations to “constructively engage” their stakeholders. Eric Edelstein South Africa
ExpenZatakes the hassle out of expense tracking by automating as much of the process as possible. Wim Morris South Africa
Firestringwill find the right information for you when you need it. Alison Jacobson South Africa
Framework Oneis a Cloud-Based bespoke development and business process automation using CloudCore. Stephan Pienaar South Africa
Gighammakes it easy to discover, promote & monetize events. George Gally South Africa
Hewani™ Retailenables consumers to shop for goods and services. Thuo Herbert Kenya
iPayis an innovative payments processing solution and payment gateway for Africa. Philip Nyamwaya Kenya
Kivukois an online shopping gateway, enabling vendors to sell and deliver products directly to customers. Amiri Mziray Tanzania
KKYBis an online platform that crowdsources writing and design services online. Kekeli Buckner Ghana
Kuzais a mobile, location-based business platform for feature phones. Pieter Nel South Africa
Kuzimaallows you as a consumer to shame and praise companies that provide you with services. Michael Ocansey Ghana
Kytabuis a texbook subscription application on a low cost tablet. Tonee Ndungu Kenya
Lipishaenables small business owners to automatically process non cash payments and micropayments. Martin Kasomo Kenya
Maliyo Gamesmakes interactive multimedia content, published for web and mobile distribution. Hugo Obi Nigeria
Mekais the industry innovator in comparison shopping, price and product reference. Mugume Collins Uganda
m-KAZIis a mass market job search application accessed by mobile phone and online. Nancy Wang Kenya
Mloumais a web and mobile service that allows farmers and agribusiness to make decisions. Aboubacar Sidy Sonko Senegal
Mobiflock, we want children to have all the benefits of a mobile phone, while still staying safe. Vanessa Clark South Africa
mPawais a mobile job matching application developed for the blue collar recruitment sector of Africa. Maxwell Donkor Ghana
MPAYERis a mobile and web application that enables businesses to manage income and expenses. Stella Njoki Kenya
MPrephelps kids learn, review, compete and collaborate through accessible mobile applications. Kosgei Isaac Kenya
MTIoffers the newest level in IT Support. With this App, you can get support no matter where you are in the world. Sean Venter South Africa
mTRACKERis a menu-driven mobile application that runs on Series40 and Android platforms. Mwema Jacob Kenya
mVerifiedis a verification tool that can be accessed online or via mobile. Patrick Innovator Kenya
MyOrderis the easy way to order from shops around you for delivery or pick-up. Hilda Moraa Kenya
OzinboPayis a mobile payment gateway that enables merchants within West Africa. Sam Paapa Opoku Ghana
People Inputis an African APPs store targeting general public and businesses. Serigne Barro Senegal
Proworkisa project management and team collaboration app. Francis Onwumere Nigeria
Qabilais a media content creator that capitalizes on crowdsourcing and digital media. Perihan Abou-Zeid Egypt
Rasellohelps businesses manage better consumer communication via SMS. Natalino Mwenda Tanzania
SasaAfrica, an e-commerce platform that connects craftswomen in developing countries. Ella Peinovich Kenya
SkillPod Mediais a South African based game solutions provider. Mark van Diggelen South Africa
TaxTimis an online virtual tax assistant who asks you simple questions in plain language. Evan Robinson South Africa
Virtual Bankis a payment service for those without credit cards, bank accounts and those who want a cheap alternative. Tawanda Kembo Zimbabwe
At DEMO Africa, a hand-selected group of new products will make their public debut to global press, investors, corporate acquirers, strategic partners and buyers. Adobe, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Motorola, Symantec, Yahoo! and many others have acquired promising DEMO companies that have become household names today. DEMO Africa is a premier platform for the best and brightest companies throughout the continent seeking to launch their products in front of a global audience. The 40 finalists have gone through three rigorous screening processes with the final vetting and adjudication done by a pan-African panel of judges comprised of entrepreneurs, VCs and Academia. The Judges included Martin Butler, Senior Lecturer, University of Stellenbosch, Athony Stonefield, Head of Ecosystem, Nokia, Toby Sharpshak, Editor, Stuff South Africa, Paul Nguru, CEO, PN Consultancy, Stephen Gugu, Director, Viktoria Solutions, Erik Hersman, Founder, Ushahidi/iHub, Eric Osaikwan, CEO, Research Africa, Tomi Davis, CEO, Technovision and Brian Longwe, DEMO Africa. A total of 500 applications were processed in lead to this event. These were then short listed to 150 ventures before a selection of the final 40 was made. The ventures cover five categories including Mobile Technology, Social Media, Consumer Products, Cloud Services and Enterprise Technologies.South Africa and Kenya take a big chunk of the final 40 with Ghana and Nigeria coming in a close second. Other countries represented included Cameroon, Senegal, Egypt, Tanzania and Zimbabwe. The team at DEMO Africa, and everyone part of the VC4Africa community, would like to congratulate the selected entrepreneurs for their achievement. We count on you to make waves in Nairobi!
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