Google Apps Developer Challenge Aftermath: A Recap

By Rachel Gichinga
  Published 25 Sep 2012
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• Report by Prof Nandaa, Co-­Lead, Google Developer Group (GDG) Nairobi                     The GADC Aftermath event was held onSaturdaySeptember22,2012at the iHub. The following applications were presented: 1.TuneBanda:TuneBanda is an innovative audio player specifically for audio files in your Google Drive.It searches through your files in Drive, and lists only audio files.The app runs on Google App Engine and employs latest JavaScript and HTML5technologies on the front end. The back end is mainly making use of Google App Engine(Python) and Google Drive API. Developer:SamKarui,a 4th Year CS student at the University of Nairobi ([email protected]) 2.1000Eventz: This is a personal event management application. The app maintains a list of events youwould like to attend, and using Google Calendar API, sends email and SMS reminders forthe same.The app runs on Google Sites and mainly makes use of Google Apps Script, though it is still in development. Developer:TimothyMwirabua,a 3rd Year student at Kenya Methodist University ([email protected]) 3.IntegratedProjectManagement,IPM:A Chrome Extension that helps in project management at a personal level. Itmakes use of Google Calendar and Tasks APIs. The app is mainly written in Javascript. Project management can generally be broken down into the following components:
  • ResourceManagement
  • CommunicationManagement
  • Review
For now, IPM is focusing on one aspect of resource management: time. IPM aims to aid project managers, companies, freelancers, etc to easily track all aspects of their project and help improve their processes. 4.Daro: This is a classroom management system that focuses on certain aspects of classroom workflow. The app was originally done on Google Apps Engine but later ported to Apps Script “in record time” as Ken puts it. This demonstrates how Apps Script gets things done so quickly and easily. This app is currently in development. Developer:KenMwenja,a3rdYearCSstudentattheUniversityofNairobi. ([email protected]) 5.QuizerApp:This is a classroom revision app. A lecturer posts multiple choice questions which students use to revise. The app has been extended with inclusions like lecturer/student syncing contacts, discussions alongside questions, and publishing the questions on Google Docs/Drive. The main app runs on App Engine (Python) with other bits of it running on Apps Script (Docs, Calendar, Contacts API). Developers:Anthony Nandaa, Fresh CS graduate UoN & C4DLab Technical Assistant, coLead GDG Nairobi ([email protected]); Rita Kimani, 3rd Year CS student at UoN ([email protected]); and Wesley Mulupi, 3rd Year Microprocessor Technology student at UoN ([email protected]). All the apps are currently being polished by the developers as they prepare to resubmit for the final judgment, where the winner in each category in each region will walk away with $20,000. Runners-up will receive consolation prizes and free marketing of the apps by Google. Following the presentation there was a Q & A session and open forum. Some of the issues that were discussed include:
  • GoogleDeveloperLive(GDL):Veryhelpfulsessionsfordevelopers.
  • Nairobi DevFest2012: The next big event for developers. More information to come soon.
  • G|Kenya is coming in November, and this time is going to be bigger - might run for a whole week
  • We had 3 entrepreneurs dealing with Google Apps deployment who visited: Lawrence Dinga, Louis Openda of Intellisoft, and Ken Mwangi. They promised to work closely with developers from the GDGs in creation of GA applications for their clients. GDG Nairobi welcomes more partners on the same.
GDG Nairobi has a new website that is under development. You can find it here, and it will soon be mapped here. GDG Nairobi is currently building a public directory for Google Apps / technologies.We are restricting it to GA/T so that we can have a focused and quality list. This will be communicated once done.
Interested in participating in the next GDG event? Check out your local GDG chapters and join the one that fits best. Directory can be found here. More importantly, join the mailing list. We'll be migrating to a new mailing ­list for naming consistency but we will keep cross­-posting on both. We will run the old list for a year and “close” it, so if you join one, be sure to leave the other.
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