Security at the iHub

By Rachel Gichinga
  Published 24 Sep 2012
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                  Over the last few months, there have been a significant number of incidents of crime that have happened around the iHub. Community members have been robbed by a group of armed gunmen on a motorbike, losing phones, laptops and other valuables. This appears to be part of a larger crime wave that's affecting several neighbourhoods across the city. From a recent security report:
Over the past few months residents in the upmarket estates (Kileleshwa, Lavington, Kilimani and Westlands) have been complaining of frequent attacks from armed robbers who are riding on motorbikes. The police and victims have identified the robbers as two or three young guys who ride on the same bike and are armed and dangerous. They mostly attack female pedestrians but now are also targeting males and motorists too. On September 13th, they orchestrated six crimes from 7pm to 11pm within Adams arcade, Hurlingham, Jabavu Lane and Brookside. The robbers take all sorts of valuables i.e, cellphones, watches, rings,gadgets etc and resell them in the black market. Currently the Kilimani area and Kileleshwa police departments are on high alert with police patrols deployed all over the Yaya Centre and Valley Arcade areas. We are urging anybody with further information to go to the nearest police station and record a statement if necessary so as to help with the investigation and bring these culprits to book.
In response to this, we have partnered with Frontline SMS to create an iHub alert. If you want to stay informed about any incidents, text the word JOIN to0717561829. If you see something that needs to be reported, begin your text with the word REPORT and then state the nature of the incident along with location. If you wish to leave the receiving alerts group, text LEAVE or STOP. We're also on Twitter at @ihub_alerts. In addition, when leaving the iHub after 6:30 pm, please leave in groups of more than 5 people if you're walking. If you're taking a cab, have a trusted cab driver pick you up from inside the Bishop Magua compound. If you need to be escorted, do speak to our security manager James Orengo. Be safe.    
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