Mashable Social Good Summit Comes To Nairobi | September 24th 2012

By Rachel Gichinga
  Published 16 Sep 2012
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Photo courtesy of Mashable
This year, for the first time, the Social Good Summit is coming to Africa. On the 24th of September, Nairobi is hosting three hours of live panel discussions, as part of the three-day global Social Good Summit held annually in New York. The Summit is jointly organised by, the United Nations Foundation, UNDP, Ericsson, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 92Y, and, in Nairobi, the iHub. We'll be asking brilliant minds, influential leaders and cutting-edge innovators to explore tech solutions to some of the continent's most pressing challenges. Their conversations will be streamed live to people all around the world, following the Social Good Summit in New York, Beijing and online. With half a billion people under 20 and 700 million mobile phone users doing business online, Africa must be included in any global conversation on how we can use new media to solve problems. That's why we want as many voices as possible to be heard. Tell us the questions that you would ask our panelists, and post them on twitter using the #SGSNairobi hashtag. Or write about the issues that you want to see covered in your blog, and link to it on twitter under #SGSNairobi or in the comments section at the bottom of this page. We'll be looking out for your blogs and tweets, linking to them from the global partners' sites and retweeting them. And if we love your ideas, we'll offer you the opportunity to come to the Summit and meet some of our panelists in person. Or you can log onto and watch the panel discussions live from 4pm EATon the 24th of September. We hope that you will join us at this year's Social Good Summit in Nairobi! PROGRAMME Topic: GOVERNANCE AND LEADERSHIP "What role can digital technology play in governance and leadership around the world?" PANEL 1: * Charles Onyango-Obbo, @cobbo3 - digital editor of the Nation Media Group * Aeneas Chuma, @AeneasChumaUN - the UN's Resident Representative to Kenya * Amira Mikhail, @amiramikhail - Cairo-based Egyptian-American activist, blogger and key figure in the 2011 Egyptian pro-democracy protests * Daudi Were,@mentalacrobatic - Project manager at Ushahidi, a crowdsourcing election-monitoring website that started during Kenya's post-election violence, then went global PANEL 2: * Julie Gichuru, @juliegichuru - News Anchor and Digital Manager at Citizen TV * Conrad Akunga, @roomthinker / @MzalendoWatch - Blogger and founder of MP monitoring website * Emmanuel Jal, @EmmanuelJAL - former Sudanese child soldier and refugee, now international rap star and peace activist * Gado, @igaddo - Political cartoonist behind political puppet show "The XYZ Show" ____________________________________________________________________________________ Topic: TECH SOLUTIONS TO IMPROVE FOOD SECURITY “How can new technologies help increase food production and distribution as the continent's food demands soar?” PANEL 1: * Anne Mitaru @AnneMitaru - Creator of online campaign Africans Act for Africa ( during last year's Horn of Africa food crisis, now with Save the Children * Nick Wasuna - Deputy National Director for World Vision * Amiran Kenya - a large-scale distributor of agricultural technologies supporting small-scale farmers PANEL 2: * Su Kahumbu, @SuKahumbu - developed iCow, an app for dairy farmers, and supports organic farming through an online organic farming network * Amos Thiongo, @agriprofocus - Business developer at Agri-hub, an online meeting place and resource for farmers * Judah arap Bett, @Bett2o11 - Chairman of the East African Grain Council and political aspirant ____________________________________________________________________________________ Topic: AFRICA'S DIGITAL ENTREPRENEURS "How has the internet revolutionised business in Africa?" SPEECH - Lars Linden, Head of Ericsson Africa PANEL 1 * Wambura Kimunyu, @wambura- Country manager at Cellulant, a Kenyan/Nigerian company that helps digitial entrepreneurs fulfill their potential *John Waibochi, @johnwaibochi- CEO of Virtual City who create innovation solutions for businesses * Just A Band, @justaband - hugely successful Kenyan band who used the internet to launch their careers PANEL 2 * John Kieti, @gmeltdown, @mlabeastafrica - Manager of m:lab East Africa - a startup incubator that identifies and nurtures sustainable enterprises * Safaricom, Kenya's mobile telecommunication giant who pioneered mobile money with M-Pesa * Mwaura Kirore, @rackus - co-developer of free-to-download videogame 'ma3racer' at Planet Rackus PANEL 3 * Okwi Okoh @OkwiOkoh - Nigerian founder of Kweli, an online magazine with multimedia content started in Kenya * Paul Kukubo - CEO of the Kenya ICT Board * Mbwana Alliy, @mbwana, @SavannahFund - Managing partner, Savannah Fund, a seed capital fund for web and mobile startups ____________________________________________________________________________________ Topic: EMPOWERING COMMUNITIES THROUGH CONNECTIVITY "How can the new technologies bridge gaps in services and infrastructure for communities everywhere?" PANEL 1 * Margaret Kositany, @Ericsson - Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Director for Ericsson Africa, supporting the educational initiative "Connect to Learn", which gives scholarships to secondary pupils and improves their education using mobile broadband technology * Nivi Mukherjee, @eLimuKenya - 28-year-old founder and CEO of e-limu, an app that provides educational tools for schools * Caroline Ngugi, @MedAfricaOrg - Business Development manager at MedAfrica, an award winning app to collate medical data * Anna Briet, @refunite - Project manager at Refugees United, who have developed an app that helps refugees find each other PANEL 2 * Jessica Colaco, @JessicaColaco- Head of research at the iHub * Lukonga Lindunda, @lukonga- founder of the BongoHive in Zambia * Kafshi Mahmoud, @praekeltfound - East Africa manager of the Praekelt Foundation, which builds open source mobile technologies to improve the health and wellbeing of people living in poverty * James Wariero - Regional Health Systems Advisor at the Millennium Development Goals Centre, Colombia University and the Earth Institute ____________________________________________________________________________________ Topic: TECH TOOLS IN CONSERVATION "How can digital technology help save what's left of Africa's forests and wildlife?" PANEL 1 * Anjali Nayar, @anjalinayar - Indian-canadian film-maker and writer specialising in climate change and developing country science, and a fellow at Nature Magazine, who has documented the work of conservationists in the Congo basin and Liberia * Taye Teferi, @World_Wildlife - regional director of WWF, to talk about Earth Hour and Congo Basin * Achim Steiner, @UNEP- Head of the United Nations Environment Programme * Mathew Kimolo, @paradigmproject - Kenya Country Director of the Paradigm Project, who are using an internet campaign to part-fund a roll out of low-fuel cookers to rural households in developing countries, helping to reduce tree-felling for firewood PANEL 2 * Dr. Paula Kahumbu, @paulakahumbu - Conservationist and activist with WildlifeDirect, who collated blog data to lobby governments to ban pesticides used to kill wildlife * Dino Martins, @dinomartins - Entymologist trying to save African bees who is getting farmers to text and email photos and data from all over rural Kenya * Richard Turere - 13-year-old inventor of flash-light device being used to scare lions away from homesteads and cattle (thus saving lions' lives...) and that is now being exported to India thanks to the wonder of the internet.
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