Marketing For Startups

By Mercy Deche
iHub Consulting
  Published 14 Sep 2012
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On Thursday 20th September, iHub Consulting will host a workshop on Critical Success Factors in Entrepreneurship
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In this interactive workshop, Andri Kristinsson will share his perspective about critical success factors in entrepreneurship followed by a deeper dive into one specific topic: marketing for startups. The workshop will arm entrepreneurs with a few practical tools and help them develop hands-on skills which can be put immediately into use at growing startups. The workshop will run form 5.30pm to 7.00pm. Register here to participate. Andri Kristinsson is an MBA student at Stanford University. Prior to moving to the Silicon Valley, he was the founding CEO of Innovit Entrepreneurship Center – a leading technology hub in Iceland. At Innovit, Andri helped hundreds of entrepreneurs succeed by providing coaching and by running startup competitions, a TechStars accelerator, Startup Weekends and more. Andri is also a co-founder of and a board member of several other startups. When he’s not helping entrepreneurs succeed or working on his own ideas, Andri loves going into the outdoors and climbing mountains (like Mt. Kenya!).
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