#Biashara - Business Lessons From the University Of Hard Knocks | iHub | 5th September 2012

By Rachel Gichinga
  Published 31 Aug 2012
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- Guest post by Conrad Akunga (Roomthinker). About a month back Iranted (and by ranting I of course mean lucidly dispensed wisdom) on assorted issues around the non trivial effort of starting and maintaining a business, under the hashtag #biashara And I use the word business because "startup" has become yet another bullsh-- er -- cliche term shielding the reality on the ground that a startup ultimately is still a business. The series of tweets, as is wont to happen on twitter, took on a life of its own and created a lot of interest, online and offline. One of the most common requests was to do a proper talk, as 140 characters can only express so much and context might be lost. (Except for mVitus of course. No context was lost there. On Wednesday 5th September from 6-7:30 pm at the iHub, yours truly will (attempt) to coherently marshal his thoughts and do a (hopefully) brief talk on #Biashara - Business Lessons From the University Of Hard Knocks. Bring a sense of humour and a friend. And questions.
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