Creativez Meetup | Writing, Books & Publishing | Sunday 26th August

By Rachel Gichinga
  Published 24 Aug 2012
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  80% of Kenya's publishing sector is dominated by the sale of educational material to the tune of Kes 30 billion per annum. From just a handful of publishers to more than 100 in just a couple of years, the change of hands of many old-guard establishments to indigenous management as well as the digital innovations in this market like eLimu and e-publishing businesses like Master Publishing prove that these changes rocking the publishing industry are just thebeginning. East Africa's first listed publishing group, Longhorn, willreveal why the "sudden" interest in the industry especially now in publishing local languages as well as digitising them. Moran Publishers aswell as Kenya Publishers Association will discuss the challenges they have, particularly the industry's slow move to adapting ICT platforms. This meetup will also explore the reading culture with initiatives like Story Moja's Hay Festival aimed at rejuvenating the love of readership in the country. This is a don't-miss meetup, not just for bibliophiles and educationists, but for creatives and techies with their finger on the pulse looking to tap into the hidden opportunities open for themin the East Africaregion in services related to publishing.
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